© jennifer timmer trail, 2017

September 2018 : Playa Artist in Residence

Playa Artist Residency
Summer Lake, OR


3 Aug 2018 : Small Talk Collective: Heartbreak City

August - September, 2018
Opening reception : August 3, 6-9pm
Portland, OR


10 May 2018 : Conversations: A Small Talk Social

Pop-up exhibition and live photographic collaboration
One night only : May 10, 6-9pm
Portland, OR


6 April 2018 : We're Always Touching by Underground Wires

April 6 - May 28, 2018
Opening reception and book release : April 6, 6-9pm
Pushdot Studio
Portland, OR


28 Nov 2017 : Fraction Magazine Holiday Print Sale

For a limited time, two of my limited edition prints are for sale here:


15 Nov 2017 : Nava Print Studio: The Susan Bright Collection

I am excited to be part of the new Nava Print Collection selected by curator Susan Bright.
My photograph, Fantasy, is selling as a limited edition of 6 + 1AP, 28”x 35”.
View the collection here:


6 Jan 2017 : Camera Work: Dynamic Landscape

Juror: Jennifer Trail
January 1 - 20, 2017
Opening reception : January 6, 6-8pm
Black Box Gallery
Portland, OR


20 Dec 2016 : RACC 2017 Professional Development Grant Recipient
Regional Arts & Culture Council
List of 2017 Recipients here


22 Aug 2016 : Standard Appreciation

August 27 - September 10, 2016
Opening reception : August 27, 6-10pm
The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective
Victoria, BC

Callum MacConnell
Ray Panke
Kenny D
Jeff Ellom
Jennifer Timmer Trail
Olivia Meek
Mieke Van Delft
Georia Graham
Mischa Greig
Spencer Pidgeon
Guy Ferguson
Sarah Strohan
Abby Hutchison
Elyse Longair
Mason Devries
Ella Jackson
Kye Plant
Nick Picard
Alysha Farling


4 Dec 2015 : Color Photography: A Picture Show

Juror: Jennifer Trail
December 1 - 20, 2015
Opening reception : December 4, 6-8pm
Black Box Gallery
Portland, OR


22 Sep 2015 : Art Faculty Biennial

September 22 - October 24, 2015
Closing reception : October 20, 4-6pm
Archer Gallery, Clark College
Vancouver, WA


16 Sep 2015 : Living in the CITY

Curated by Valaire Van Slyck
September 17 - October, 2015
Preview : September 17, 7-10pm
Opening reception : September 18, 7-10pm
Start Gallery
Detroit, MI

Michael St. John
Amanda Church
Adrian Ting
Eric Milliken
Jennifer Timmer Trail
Michael Anderson
Tom Berding
Sean Nader
Guy Overfelt
Frank Praga
Heather Sparks
Andrew Chan
Chris Hiltz
Sherry Wong
Michael Bevilaqua


24 Jan 2015 : Oranbeg NET 13: The Dark is Light Enough

Curated by Lindsay Metivier
NET / Oranbeg Press Online

selected artists:
Adam Bellefeuil, Alex Nelson, Erik Hagen, Chris Ridgway, Jennifer Timmer Trail, Christine Rogers, Colin Stearns, Carl Gunhouse, Hollis Johnson, Kyle Tata, Matthieu Litt, Nat Ward, Nich McElroy, Robert Warren, Sarah Malakoff and Jay Muhlin


22 Feb 2013 : Curiouser: Contemporary Works Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Curated by Laurie Luck
February 22 - March 17, 2013
Opening reception : February 22, 7-10pm
Fifty Fifty Arts Collective
Victoria, BC


20 Feb 2013 : Interview with Jennifer Timmer Trail on ilovethatphoto online photography magazine.

13 Feb 2013 : UnEarth featured on the Smith Journal blog:

'Post-apocalyptic' is a pretty popular theme at the moment. Derelict houses. Abandoned theme parks. The entire city of Detroit... But ubiquity doesn't mean easy, and standing out among the detritus requires a certain talent.

In UnEarth, Jennifer Timmer Trail captures the desolate landscapes of industrial disasters, from Three Mile Island to Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania: "the most radioactive town in America".

Despite the constant visual reminders that something has gone terribly wrong, what draws Trail to these places is that, for the inhabitants, "life seems to go on as usual". Whether that's a good or a bad thing is up to the rest of us.